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Favorite Summer Activities from Kidoinfo Readers

I recently asked Kidoinfo readers what their favorite summer activity is and the response was awesome. Since school is already out for some and temperatures are heating up outside you may want to try one of these activities today. Have more ideas? Please add them in the comments below.

So my favorite summer activity is actually a series of activities: Driving down to Little Compton in time for lunch at the Commons followed by a swim at South Beach. Then, when the afternoon sun has crested and everyone’s had enough sand and surf, head to Tiverton for ice cream at Gray’s (saying hello to the cows). On the way home, stop at Milk and Honey Bazaar for fresh bread and cheese to go with the bottle of red wine for a perfect summer supper…

Our favorite summer activity is taking a picnic to Pulaski Park, eating unders the trees, and swimming in the lake—for free!

Splashing in backyard pool, followed by a cookout!

We love to spending time outside with friends, having bbq’s and picnics, playing games and enjoying the beautiful Rhode Island summers!

There are so many great summer activities in RI….many of which we’ve learned about through kidoinfo!  One thing we all love is a dinner picnic on the beach. Showing up when the big crowds have left and enjoying a picnic right on the sand is a perfect family evening.

Our favorite summer activity is exploring different cities and states both by travel and reading about them.

Hunting for hermit crabs and making “hermit crab farms” – then watching them go back home.

Walking barefoot in the beach!

Gardening with my 3 year old daughter.  We plant seeds and flowers in the Spring, water them each evening, talk to them, observe the growth and change……it is the most peaceful, beautiful way to bring closure to even the most hectic of days.

I know from late spring experience, that my favorite NEW summer activity will be watching my seven year-old son play on his first baseball team!  It’s soooo much fun, and elicits such parental goosebumps to see him discovering so much joy in one activity: his love of the game itself, the happy comaraderie among the team and coaches – not to mention the ebulient support of the crowd (which cheers for every kid on both teams – “competition” notwithstanding).  Oh, and of course, the snappy uniform!

Swim with friends and play in the garden!!

Our favorite summer activity is jumping in the waves, collecting shells and looking for sea glass at Narragansett Beach!

Our favorite summertime activity is relaxing at the beach in Little Compton, with a stop at Grey’s ice cream on the way home.

It’s hard to pinpoint just one favorite summer activity, but if I had to it would be this: taking walks with my family wherever we may be – in the mountains, at the beach, around Lippitt Park – and looking for stones and shells. We collect them as we go (my toddler son makes a bag out of his t-shirt), then take them home, spread them out, and select our favorites. Then we take pens or markers or paints, and decorate them. Back when I was a teenager we did this on our family vacations, and we still have bowls of rocks commemorating this or that vacation. The rocks or shells become part of our home, and bring back the happy memories of summer.

Every summer since I was a child and now, with my own child, I spend a number of weeks in Western Mass, in the Berkshires during the summer.  My extended family shares a cottage near a lake surrounded by the rolling Berkshire hills. Our favorite activity is to take out the two-person kayak, my daughter and me, in the evening, after the swimming area is calm and people are packing their gear to go home for dinner. The lake has an inlet that narrows and leads to some falls. We paddle quietly after the energy and heat of the day, watchful of all the wildlife around us. We point out to each other the sights that strike us. “Oh look, mommy! A blue heron!!” my daughter might say, as we see one on a rock, standing absolutely still, or maybe two or three. We’ve seen them take off into flight or land near us, their immense wing spans gliding low over the water. Once we saw what I swore was a wharf rat hiding under a dock. We point out frogs on lily pads, and notice the light changing, the sun setting. Sometimes we encounter other people in kayaks, folks we might have seen earlier at the beach. We paddle to the end and then rest our paddles on the kayak, lying back and taking in all the aromas — water, flowers, the smells of grilling.  The sounds mix nature and humanity as well — laughter of children in the distance, even clinking of ice in glasses on a nearby porch. Birds. The crickets and cicadas. And then it’s time to paddle back for dinner. We’ve stayed too long as usual, so we make a dash for it, this time paddling fast, seeing how quickly we can make it back…and then, if we made good time, taking one last dip for the day at the little beach, ravenous now and ready to join the rest of the family.

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