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First day of school (and the night before)

ContainerwithfoodclosemedI know tomorrow is not the first day of school but here are some ideas to help make the first day a little easier.


Make a To-Do-List. Use words and pictures to help kids understand their morning tasks.
For example:
– 7 am – Wake up
– Make bed
– Get dressed
– Have breakfast
– Brush teeth
– Play time (depending on your schedule)
– Use the bathroom
– Pack lunch and school bag
– 8:30 am – Time to leave
Make a healthy lunch. Include a bottle of water and maybe a love note. Check out Laptop Lunches, Family Fun, Hillers Market, and Whole Foods for great lunch box ideas.
Pack your child’s backpack with school supplies and extra clothes. Add a note or family photo to ease the transition from summertime at home to school.
– Make sure your child has completed all summer assignments, and that they are packed in bag.
Tuck your kids into bed early and read a good book together.


Wake your child early, to allow plenty of time to get ready for the day.
Make a yummy breakfast. How about Fabulous French Toast from Kids Health or Michael White’s Whole-Wheat Peanut Butter Waffles from Cookie Magazine?
Drive your child to school on the first day, if possible, even if you plan on using alternative transportation later in the year.
Walk your child to their classroom, if permitted, greet the teacher, and reintroduce your child.
Familiarize your child with his/her cubby, coat hook, and the nearest bathroom.
Introduce your child and yourself to other parents and their kids.
Remind your child what time you will be back for pick-up. Be prompt!
Make your goodbye upbeat and brief. Use a familiar goodbye routine. Don’t sneak out when your kids aren’t looking – it may make your child anxious.
Learn the names of the other kids in their class. It will make school seem friendlier and more familiar.
Have a family supper, if schedules allow, with your kid’s favorite food and celebrate the first day of school!

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  • oh no. i forgot about all of this!! yikes. i remember the importance of setting things up the night before each school day, and the relief on thursday night that i could just pack a snack and $2 (for the (disgusting, beloved) school pizza.

    thanks for these very helpful reminders–i needed this!