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Five (+ 1) Fabulous Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Here are few gifts dad may like depending on your budget and his interests. For some local handmade options, check Linda’s crafty gift ideas for dad.

beach photo1. Quality time with the kids. A family outing or just dad and the kids may start with breakfast at home or at his favorite diner or coffee shop. (My husband loves having bagels and lox at home as much as dining out at the Modern Diner in Pawtucket) followed by an afternoon outing like a trip to the beach, park, or museum. My husband takes photos wherever we go.

2. An event. Give a gift-certificate (for two, if it includes you) to his favorite local restaurant or tickets to a sports game or music concert.

3. Re-purposed. Wallets and messenger bags made from old sails (Ragged Edge products found at OOP!), tires or street signs make a very stylish statement and are a cool re-use of discarded items.thomas bag made from tires

4. Good for the environment. More cool green gift ideas found on TreeHugger.com include a living ecosphere, bike basket, enamel stacked lunch box, beginner beekeeping kit, and a push reel mower.

5. Techy Gadgets. My husband loves most tech things as do many dads I know. Although my husband may covet the new iPhone3G with cool added or improved features, he will keep the phone he got last year. An iTunes gift card of any value though is always handy and appreciated–allows him to buy music, movies or special apps for phone, music player or computer.

6. Make a book. Have your children help create a special keepsake for dad. Every year we make my husband an accordian book filled with pictures and words documenting our sons’ current stage of development, likes and loves.

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