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Fogland Beach: A Day of Swimming and Sea Creatures

Fogland Beach in Tiverton has a little something more that extends beyond the average beach season.

In Rhode Island, we are fortunate to have a selection of beautiful beaches. While Fogland Beach in Tiverton has summer swimming, it has a little something more that extends beyond the average beach season. My nature-loving kids most enjoy Fogland Beach for its tide pools.

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Fogland Beach has a rocky promontory at its far end. At low tide, the water recedes leaving an extended area of rocks easily walkable by any kids past the toddler stage. The crevices in the rocks fill with tide pools and captured creatures, including crabs, hermit crabs and harder-to-find, much-prized sea stars. The braver kids will be happy to pick up just about anything with their hands, but you might want to bring along a net and a bucket as a temporary home for your catches. For safety, wear sneakers for climbing among the rocks.

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The beach is just off Route 77 in Tiverton, and the drive along the coast is a worthy field trip on its own. When driving from Providence, you will pass through Tiverton Four Corners and turn right onto Pond Bridge Road for a short pastoral drive toward the beach. There is ample parking, which requires a fee of $5 on weekdays and $10 on weekends during the summer months.

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Fogland Beach has a bathhouse with public restrooms, a small playground, and a lifeguarded swim area. During summer, the lifeguard is on duty 8:45 am to 4:15 pm. The water is shallow close to shore. It is a good place for children to wade and splash, but the beach is rocky, not sandy. Bring water shoes or flip flops to protect sensitive feet. There are picnic tables along the beach if you’d prefer your lunch a little less sandy than kids on a blanket permit.

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While your kids play, you can watch the windsurfers who frequent the beach. At the end of your visit, empty the day’s catch back into the water, pack up your things and reward your kids for good behavior with a stop at Gray’s Ice Cream as you drive home through Tiverton Four Corners.

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Photos by Cynthia Ragona


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