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For Back to School Time & All Year Long! AskRI.org is a MUST Web Site for Students & All Learners

The folks at AskRI.org want to remind parents, teachers, and all RI students about the wealth of free online education resources and services available at AskRI.org, the website of the RI Statewide Reference Resource Center at Providence Public Library. askri2Funding for these resources is provided through the RI Office of Library & Information Services.

  • Need some help understanding that tough math problem? No problem! Check out HomeworkHelpRI and get connected with a live tutor.
  • Have a research project and don’t have an encyclopedia? Turn to World Book Web with video, sound, and interactive features. This isn’t your father’s encyclopedia!
  • Studying a language or want to learn another one on your own? Check out one of the newest and coolest AskRI resources: Mango Languages!
  • Need some really specific information for a paper? Skip Google and try the long list of EBSCO databases to get magazine articles and other authoritative information.

These online resources and more are available to students and all Rhode Island residents for free at AskRI.org. While some resources require a public library card, most can be accessed without a card from school, home, work, your public library, or any place in Rhode Island with Internet access. When out-of-state, a Rhode Island public library card is required to access these resources; cards are freely available at your local public library.

Just what’s so great about the AskRI.org resources?

  • Homework Help RI (through Tutor.com) enables students from kindergarten through adult to get individualized help from live tutors during out-of-school hours (2:00-10:00 pm). The service also includes the SkillsCenter Resource Library, available 24/7, which offers links to worksheets, tutorials, and study guides. Students can even have their documents reviewed by a tutor. The College Center offers similar services for first- and second-year college students and an Adult Education & Career Center for continuing education and job support services. Homework help is also provided in Spanish.
  • World Book Web provides age-appropriate encyclopedias and other classroom resources for elementary, middle, and high school/advanced students, including World Book Discover for adult learners and students with reading challenges. Most World Book products also include a tool that translates content into 14 languages. Hispanica Saber, a complete Spanish language encyclopedia, is also available.
  • EBSCO databases includes access to over 10,000 magazines and journals, as well as medical, historical, environmental, general and scholarly articles and information on consumer health, auto repair, and home improvement.
  • Mango Languages uses real-life conversations and situations to teach students a new language. Lessons are presented on slides with audio content so users can listen and repeat words and phrases. It is a simple and fun way for adults and students of all ages to learn a language. Mango currently offers 22 languages, from Spanish, French, and Italian to Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. There are also 15 English as a Second Language courses, including English for Spanish speakers, Russian speakers, and Vietnamese speakers. More languages and features are being added, including a mobile application for the iPhone.
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