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Free afterschool program shows grades 9-12 the possibilities of arts careers

FirstWorks Education has partnered with the Rhode Island Department of Education to offer an after school program as part of their All Course Network. It is entitled, Behind the Curtain. Students in grades 9 – 12 will get behind-the-scenes insight into some of the many viable performing arts employment opportunities available to them; some of which they may have never heard of, or, could not imagine existing.

Artists successful in these professions will provide unique insight into their education, apprenticeships, and career paths. Some of the participating artists include:

  • Ricardo Pitts-Wiley will discuss establishing a successful theatre and teach students how to prepare a dramatic monologue,
  • Charles “Chachi” Carvalho will talk about his Hip Hop practice and how his artistic journey is reshaping itself into curating music festivals to highlights other talented artists,
  • Jan Melzer Thomas will share her experiences as a stage manager travelling all over the world who found her most rewarding experiences on cruise ships,
  • Michael Getz, Prop Master at Trinity Repertory Company for the past 25 years, will provide a tour of the scene shop along with his background, experiences, and joy at working with Tony award winning Scene Designer Eugene Lee.

All of the artists have some Rhode Island connection. Some are transplants from other parts of the United States or the world. Others were born and raised in Rhode Island and have found their profession has taken them all over the globe. All of the artist instructors are excited to share their experiences to inspire young people that a successful life in the arts can be found in many different ways and places.

In some cases, Master Classes will be conducted and rare backstage access will be granted. This pilot program is free and will be conducted on the Zoom platform.

Class runs for ten weeks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:00 pm starting Tuesday, February 23 and concluding Thursday, May 6, except during April vacation.

Interested students in grades 9 – 12 can visit here for more information and to register: http://first-works.org/education/behind-the-curtain/

Space is limited for individualized attention so register early!

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