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Free snowy day, book-centered activities

Kidoinfo is always on the look out for other websites with great stuff for parents and kids. Here’s one we found that is especially perfect given the big snowstorm we’re expecting:

It’s beginning to look a lot like boredom! There’s only so much time parents can spend huddled outside in the cold making snowmen, pushing sleds up hill, and supervising snowball fights. At some point, the kids have to come indoors… and when they do, ROSIE READER is ready with all sorts of free, boredom-buster, educational printables and games centered on popular children’s books.

“Wintertime is often a challenging time to keep children busy, but this year we face an added challenge. We can’t have indoor playdates, we can’t go to the local bounce house, we can’t go to our local library, which was often our saving grace,” said Maria Coder, mom to 3-year-old Rosie and the founder of ROSIE READER, a website that creates free reading adventures and activities for preschoolers. Fortunately, Rosie and I have been creating activities for several months that parents and teachers may download and use right away.”

RosieReader.com features one main book each week, which it then builds book-inspired activities around. Each story is reviewed (as relayed) by 3-year-old Rosie, with added insight from Mom. Every feature comes with three types of complementary resources:

Printables: These include free downloadable worksheets like letter tracing, dot-to-dots, coloring pages, drawing and cutting practice, and more.

Craft or instructional video: Each featured book inspires a craft or a skill set. The craft videos are made using items parents are likely to already have in their home, like an empty toilet paper roll; and offer various alternatives – if construction paper isn’t available for a project, a crayon and plain paper will suffice. No hole punch? An adult could poke paper with a screw driver. As for the instructionals, a video could teach a child a new sentence in a foreign language, like Spanish – since Rosie’s Mom is Bilingual.

Book-inspired play: A play-based activity is created for each featured book. Things like sensory bins, matching games, and others are all part of the fun. Plus each activity comes with child-friendly illustrated instructions so that a child who cannot yet read may interpret the activity and lead the way.

In addition to the activities that support the main featured book, the site also includes a section called Snapshots, with short and snappy reviews that each come with one ­­­­activity. A Bookmark section will have various articles and listicles, like a piece on best interactive books for preschoolers. Each season there’s a free eBook too – like the current gingerbread activity eBook that adults may print on demand and features pre-K math, tracing, pattern play, and coloring.

Coder, a former journalist, hopes to build a community of avid and engaged young readers and to add value to parents who find themselves unexpectedly homeschooling, as well as teachers seeking additional free resources to use in virtual classes or offline classrooms. She’s also hoping the watercolor imagery and simplicity of her website will create a moment of respite for adults.

ROSIE READER is a website that creates reading adventures for children ages 3 to 5. For more information visit https://www.RosieReader.com/

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