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I have been meaning to write about Providence’s Pinata Center for awhile. Now that Camilla Hawthorn of GoLocalProv has written this fabulous review I have more time to plan the party to go with one of these fabulous pinatas!

Today’s URBAN SCENE news from GoLocalProv:

images-golocalprov-com--lifestyle_20100623_sussy_pinatas-360x284All piñatas are not created equally.

That’s what you realize the moment you walk into Sussy DeLeon’s Piñata Center. Giant, brightly colored, and intricately detailed piñatas smile cheerily from the windows, the walls, and the ceilings. It’s every birthday boy and girl’s dream come true, and it makes you reconsider whether you really knew what a piñata was before you entered the shop.

A Savvy Mom

DeLeon was planning her son’s first birthday party when she realized that she couldn’t find the beautiful handmade piñatas of her native Guatemala in the United States. Unlike the mass-produced cardboard piñatas readily available here, Guatemalan piñatas are constructed from wire and newspaper and decorated with colorful tissue paper. They’re easier to break, so kids can actually get to the delicious innards without the intervention of a frustrated parent wielding a baseball bat.

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Photo of Sussy DeLeon provided by GoLocalProv

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  1. Nancy King nancy says:

    This is great news! Till now, I cringe whenever the pinata comes out at a birthday party, knowing that it’s going to get ugly when the thing refuses to give up the goods.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have been wondering about this store, and even noticed a large soccer ball pinata in its window this morning – and thought, I have *got* to go check it out. My kids are die-hard pinata boys but we’ve been ordering them over the internet, and frankly – they are terrible. I kept meaning to learn how to make them – but this is so much better. Thanks again!

  3. Thank you for this article about our store! We also thank all the feedback we receive, our pinatas are handmade and come straight from Guatemala, they’re large, colorful, easy to break. We invite to visit us at Thank you!

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