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Childmus.Hoopoe8X10By Karen Lambe, Early Childhood Developer

Do you remember the first time you experienced a live performance, waiting for the magical moment when the performers would appear and you would be transported into another world of stories and dance or mesmerized by music and puppetry?

Going to a live performance is wonderfully exciting for children. Perhaps it’s a costumed mime expertly juggling seven balls so close that your child can hear them hitting the mime’s hands – and sometimes the floor! Or two singers, producing songs and merriment with their guitars, so that the young audience members are inspired to jump to their feet and joyfully join in.

Children’s performers want their young audience to be amazed and moved, to laugh and sing along. Many performers invite active audience participation during the show and interact with the spectators afterwards, allowing kids to meet the REAL person, ask questions and try their techniques. What an amazing opportunity for your children to learn about these skilled and energetic people!

Children need to be told what to expect when they see a live performance and that takes effort, like anything you do as a parent. Kids are use to watching movies and television, where they can hit a pause button or just walk away. We have to help them learn that live performances are different art forms with different sets of expectations. When viewing a performance, children should understand that the people on stage are working hard – and having fun, too!

Providence Children’s Museum is a perfect place to introduce children to live performances. It’s an encouraging environment for young children to learn about their role as audience members and the financial obligation is less than other venues. The Museum hosts live performers throughout the year and always during school vacation weeks. During December school vacation, kids can sing and dance with the Toe Jam Puppet Band, meet a magnificent mime and stretch their imaginations with silly stories. Bring your children to one of these shows and join in the excitement, energy and magic created by live performers!

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