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Fun ideas for the bath

Six creative ideas to use when giving your children a bath, from sponge sail boats to safe bath paint.

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Recently, there was the celebration of International Bath Day. This day of celebration dates as far back as Ancient Greek times when the scholar Archimedes lived. It’s said that on this day, Archimedes was sitting in the bath and he discovered that the volume of an object can be measured when submerged in water.

Legend has it that when he found this out, he jumped out of the bath and shouted “Eureka, Eureka!” before running naked through the streets of Syracuse, Greece. Although we don’t recommend doing this nowadays, bath time is still a fun experience for children and can be filled with opportunities for excitement and learning.

We’ve pulled together a few exciting bath time activities to enjoy with your kids to celebrate International Bath Day!

Water Balloon Surprise

Who doesn’t love balloons? So, why not bring them into your bathroom and watch the fun unfold? Try filling some of the balloons with different colored water that, when popped, turns the bath water a different color too!

You will need:

  • A selection of brightly colored balloons
  • Some colored water tablets (ensure these are dissolvable and safe for skin)
  • Cold water to fill a few of the balloon with (this turns it into sensory play too!)

Glow Stick Party

This is a really easy trick that turns the usual boring bath time routine into an exciting glow in the dark experience! Just crack the sticks, drop them into the bath and switch off the lights. Watch how the glow sticks reflect in the water and turn it into a pretty light show!

You will need:

  • A selection of glow sticks in different colors
  • Parent supervision! (Depending on how old your children are, make sure you accompany them in the bathroom whilst the lights are switched off)

Magnetic ABCs

Another super easy idea that also has a more educational element to it. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to help teach your children the alphabet then your search is over! Simply drop into the bath tub some magnetic letters and then make a fishing rod with a magnet at the other end and get your kids to fish for their ABCs!

You will need:

  • A magnetic alphabet set
  • A wooden stick for the handle of the fishing rod
  • A piece of string for the fishing line
  • A magnet to tie to the end of the string

Melting Colored Ice Cubes

If you’ve got some little ones at home and want a simple and safe game for bath time fun then this is perfect. By adding one or two drops of different dyes to your ice cube tray, you can create a rainbow of ice cubes. Then, simply add these to the bath and try and catch the colored cube before it melts, turning the water different colors!

You will need:

  • An empty ice cube tray
  • A selection of different dyes
  • Water

Sponge Sail Boats

You may have some competitive children who enjoy a challenge. Why not help them make some sail boats out of sponge that they can then race at bath time? These are perfect to sail up and down the bath tub and will give hours of enjoyment! Cut some paper into triangles for the sails and use the sponge as the main body of the boat to float around.

You will need:

  • Some small sponges
  • Wooden skewers
  • Brightly colored craft paper

Chalk Painting

Maybe your kids really enjoy art and messing around with paints? If they do, have a go at making these safe paints to play with at bath time. These chalk-based paints are quick to make and, crucially, easy to clean up after.

You will need:

  • Sensitive skin shaving cream
  • Different colored chalk
  • Bowls to mix the paints into

There are loads of different and fun things you can do with your children at bath time, so why not give something new a try to make baths even more fun!

This article was produced in collaboration with CCL Wetrooms. All photos provided.