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Fun Bus Bound for Providence Neighborhoods

The Parks & Recreation Department Fun Bus filled with kites, board games, hula hoops and more is visiting Providence’s neighborhood parks this summer!

From Providence City News:

Fun BusIf you see a large, colorful bus painted with images of children rumbling through your neighborhood, it’s probably the Providence Parks and Recreation Department Fun Bus.  Mayor David N. Cicilline announced that the Fun Bus has begun visiting the city’s neighborhood parks loaded with lots of activities for children like board games, a 35-foot inflatable obstacle course and hula hoops.
The Fun Bus visits a different neighborhood park every day throughout the summer from 12pm until 4pm.  In addition to board games and hula-hoops, the bus also has kites, jump ropes, tug-of-war equipment, footballs, basketballs, face painting and jewelry-making material and everything you need to compete in a potato sack race.  The bus is staffed with seven Parks and Recreation Department employees ready to engage children in fun activities.

“Whether it’s sailing on Narragansett Bay, playing golf, splashing at a water park or competing in a fierce tug-of-war, we’re working hard to come up with fun, affordable ways to keep children engaged in high-quality, safe activities this summer,” said Mayor Cicilline.

The Department of Parks and Recreation is also partnering with the YMCA of Greater Providence to bring the Y on the Move to the city’s parks.  Y on the Move engages children and families in health and wellness through interactive games, inflatable slide, bungee pull, sports wall and much more.

The Fun Bus schedule for the rest of the summer is as follows:

July 16, Riverside Park
July 19, Donigian Park
July 20, Dexter Training Grounds
July 21, Veazie Street Park
July 22, Merino Park
July 23, Sackett Street Recreation Center
July 26, Richardson Street Park
July 27, One Recreation Way
July 28, George J. West Water Park
July 30, Harriet & Sayles Water Park
August 2, Billy Taylor Park
August 4, Cabral Park
August 5, Fargnoli Park
August 6, Joslin Recreation Center
August 9, Riverside Park
August 10, Donigian Park
August 11, Ascham Park
August 12, Veazie Park
August 13, Merino Park
August 16, Richardson Street Park
August 18, George J. West Water Park
August 19, Harriet & Sayles Water Park
August 20, Billy Taylor Park.

The handicapped accessible bus was donated to the City of Providence by the Free Wheeler Association.  The bus’s colorful exterior was painted by Straight Up Graphics and students from the TruSchool through a grant from the Providence After School Alliance (PASA).

For more information on the Fun Bus, contact the Department of Parks and Recreation at 421-7740 x323.

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  • Bummer! So sorry to the hear the bus did not show up. I just called Parks and Recreation and they said the bus was bumped at the last minute because it will be at Zuccolo Recreation Center tonight from 4 to 8 for a special event. They never changed the website! I advise calling before heading out next time!
    (401) 421-7740

  • Just got back from Cabral Park. My son loves those inflatable obstacle courses, so I was hoping to see that there. We played at the water park from 12:00 until about 1:15. We had a good time, but there was no sign of the bus. : (