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Guiding you to better communication

Gale Force is a social enterprise dedicated to helping small businesses and non-profits more effectively communicate with customers and providing online resources to help parents raise children in and around Rhode Island.


Website Program

Is your website working against you? Or do you need a new website and have no idea where to start? And, really, you don’t have time for any of this! That’s where Gale Force Communications comes in with an easy website improvement program that gets you there faster. We guide you to:

  • Define your “best customer” and website action goals.
  • Focus your branding and messaging to attract your best customers.
  • Write and edit your website messaging and layout so it better achieves your customer action goals.

Writing & Editing

How do you communicate with your potential customers or clients? Are you telling your story in the best way possible? Offering writing and editing for brochures, signs, social media, proposals, press communications, public relations, etc.

Online parenting resources

Kidoinfo.com, operated by Gale Force Communications, offers online resources to help parents raise children in and around Rhode Island. Providing the following:

  • Fullest calendar of kid- and family-related events.
  • KidoGuides for camps, birthdays, private schools, duckpin bowling, orchards and farms, local colleges and universities; and local authors and illustrators.
  • 100+ Things to Do With Kids – a bucket list of places and events to go to in and around RI.
  • Articles written locally or provided by local businesses and non-profits that work with children.
  • Offers businesses and non-profits a way to reach their customers by becoming Kidoinfo Sponsors who receive advertising placements.

Gale Force Communications
Susan Gale, CEO
57 Rolfe Square, PO Box 10094, Cranston, RI 02910