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Get a Round: patemm pads for a Nice Change

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By Maura Keating

Everyone knows how hard it can be to find a good diaper bag. Most parents I know own several, each on their own individual quest for perfection. Once you do find that perfect bag, the chances of it coming with the ideal changing pad are . . . well, not good. I’ve been lucky to find several diaper bags that I love, but only one had a changing pad that was decent and, wouldn’t you know, I lost that pad months ago during a chaotic trip to Chuck E. Cheese. One pad is too short, another is too narrow. I have two that are close to the right size, but they are designed to be rolled and then tied after use. Who has time to do that after a harrowing diaper change, and more importantly–where do you put the baby?

The patemm pad is the perfect changing pad. It’s brilliant because it’s round. My son can wiggle the full circumference of the pad and still be protected from the germs on the floor or change station. On narrow changing stations, the patemm pad rolls up to give extra protection for curious hands. The patemm pad folds into a neat rectangle that fits into the pockets of most diaper bags. Or if you still haven’t found the perfect bag, the patemm pad frees you from the confines of a diaper bag. With the patemm pad, you can transform any bag into a great diaper bag. Going somewhere quick? You can throw the patemm pad into the stroller or car for a quick jaunt and be free of a bag altogether. If you are using multiple bags or if you switch off baby duty, the patemm pad makes it easy to make sure that you aren’t caught without wipes or another baby essential. The patemm pad can also function as a play mat at the park or a yoga mat for Baby at gym class. Patemm pads are available in three sizes–24, 28, and 30 inches–and in two styles–with or without pockets. We tested a 28-inch patemm pad with pockets.

The patemm pad has four stretchy handles that enable you to close it easily, quickly, and using only one hand. Because there is a handle on each side, there is no wrong way to fold the patemm pad, making it super user friendly–even in the most desperate of changing emergencies. The interior pockets on the patemm pad are also on all four sides and are the perfect size for a diaper or two and a small package of wipes. When I’m traveling light, I switch my wipes over to a sandwich bag to reduce the bulk. The larger sized patemm pad would also fit a change of clothes in the pocket.

The patemm pad is made out of durable, easy-to-wipe-clean oilcloth. New lines from patemm include machine washable and organic fabrics. Patemm features a wide range of prints, patterns, and colors that are sure to please. All patemm pads feature a sturdy chocolate brown trim. The pad is thick and comfortable, thanks to sewn-in polyester batting. Grace Welch, the founder and mom inventor behind the patemm pad also makes a complementary diaper bag called the “Bote Bag.” If you’re looking for something a little smaller to hold and protect wipes or creams that you carry, the Pitaka is designed to fit in the pocket of the patemm pad. The Pitaka comes in two sizes and in twenty-two prints to match your patemm pad perfectly.

The patemm pad is a must for every parent on the go. What is the point of having a good diaper bag if you are afraid to pull out the changing pad? If you get around, shouldn’t you get a round?

The Details: The patemm pad, $30 – $48. To find one near you, click on the “Retailers” link at www.patemm.com

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– One entry permitted per person; U.S. entrants welcome to enter.
– Contest closes at midnight EST, Sunday, August 17, 2008.
– The winner will receive one patemm pad.

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