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Gifts for worldly babies

Drs5 Product-LinkWhen my husband and I got married, one of our guests said it was like being at the United Nations. We merged our varied backgrounds – Russian, Swedish, Jewish, Arabic, Irish, and Scottish. Guests were from India, Africa, and China. Although it can get confusing around the holidays, I think my boys are lucky to live in a family rich with such diversity. I love to find things for them that celebrate our individual diversity.

Tees Bella-1I recently discovered Il Cocco di Mamma, an online boutique that sells products that promote the world’s languages, cultures, and peoples. Donna M. Bottari, who grew up bilingual, founded the company in 2006 when her nephew was born. She has designed a beautiful line of organic cotton T-shirts with sayings such as bella (Italian for beautiful) or il cocco di mamma (Italian for “the apple of your eye” or “pride and joy”).

She also carries popular children’s books translated into many languages. Read The Cat in the Hat in Spanish or Elmer’s Colors in English and Arabic. Her wooden alphabet blocks (my favorite) are available in French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.

Locally you can find Il Cocco di Mamma signature tees at BAMBINI, 251 South Main Street in Providence.

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