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Governor Gina Raimondo shares Halloween Traditions with Kidoinfo

At Kidoinfo, we love to learn about and share family traditions and seasonal rituals, weaving those carried from our past with those we initiate with our own children. Today we are honored to speak with Governor Raimondo about the Halloween.

kidoinfo-governor-raimondo-family-halloweenKIDOINFO: Governor Raimondo, as October draws to its climactic close, we are wondering what Halloween traditions you enjoy celebrating with your family?

Governor Raimondo: Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and we enjoy all the traditions – costumes, candy and of course trick-or-treating. This year we’ll be handing out Milky Ways, Hershey bars and Kit Kats.

KIDOINFO: How are your kids planning to dress up this year?

Governor Raimondo: Tommy is going as James Bond; Ceci is going to be a cat.

KIDOINFO: What did you love about Halloween as a kid?

Governor Raimondo: I have really vivid Halloween memories growing up in Smithfield, of trick-or-treating with my friends for HOURS in what felt like a really big neighborhood. I’d come home with an obscene amount of candy.

KIDOINFO: Is there a memorable costume that comes to mind? How did you create it?

Governor Raimondo: When I was five or six I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, and my mother made me an awesome red cape. It was a great costume.

KIDOINFO: Finally, hungry minds want to know: what type of candy would be most likely to “disappear” first from your kids’ Halloween haul? Hypothetically speaking.

Governor Raimondo: Hypothetically speaking, Kit Kats would be the first to go.

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