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Great Cookbooks for Families: Eat Local

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Reviews by Katy Killilea

Eating locally and seasonally is much more feasible this winter, thanks to the new, expanded Wintertime Farmer’s Market. But say you’ve come home from the market with a Miss America-worthy bouquet of chard. And you don’t know quite what to make, so you begin to worry and rend your garments: will it rot in the vegetable bin? Enter the perfect cookbooks–books written especially for cooks who buy food based on what looks good at the market.

In Season: Cooking with Vegetables and Fruits is a beautifully photographed book, divided into four sections, one dedicated to each season. Ingredients at their peak are highlighted in numerous, diverse, and eclectic recipes. Many of these are simple enough to make in an offhand manner and many will appeal to picky eaters. So . . . what will you make of that winter squash? Pie, chips, soup, salad, ravioli, or soufflé?

Bon Appetit’s Fast Easy Fresh is a well-organized compendium of over 1000 recipes with emphasis on, well, the title says it all: speed, ease, and freshness. The recipes for vegetables are organized by season, making it easy to find what you need. Not only are the recipes easy to execute, but the index is thorough and user friendly. This is a comprehensive cookbook–it covers everything from veggies to meat to cake.

Local Flavors is a celebration of farmer’s markets nationwide, with plenty of recipes for the unusual and lovely produce you’ll find only at a market (black kale, green garlic, perfect fresh eggs). The recipes are grouped by botanical family and illustrated with mouth-watering photos.

The details:
In Season
By Sarah Raven
$40.00 Universe

Fast Easy Fresh
By Barbara Fairchild
$34.95 Condé Nast Publications

Local Flavors
By Deborah Madison
$26.00 Broadway Books

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