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Great Cookbooks for Families: Ghoulish Goodies

Reviewed by Katy Killilea

tnGoodies for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters, your October playdates and school parties aren’t hard to come by. But if your homemade Halloween favorites feel a little played out (Kleenex covered lollipops?), Ghoulish Goodies is crammed with new material.

Rocky Road to Perdition Fudge, Monster Toes, and Choco Bats will satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your spooky tooth. Cup of Worms, featuring gummy worms that have been rolled in cocoa powder emerging from realistic graveyard soil, takes both the sweet and the grotesque totally over the top.


Halloween and sugar may go hand in hand, but if you flip through Ghoulish Goodies you’ll find holiday recipes to fill the tummies under your purview with actual food. Although it’s rich in sweets, it also includes festive recipes for Halloween dinner. Candy Corn Pizza in this case refers to pizza that, when sliced, resembles candy corn (but contains none). Cheddar Eyeballs contain not a speck of sugar and  put those 1970s pimiento-stuffed green olives to excellent, exquisitely repulsive use. The Witches’ Knuckles feature cheddar, pepperoni, and rosemary. (Rosemary applied to mimick unsightly hairs.)

We’ll never grow tired of plain old caramel apples, but when there are children around whom you’d like to feed, amaze and/or freak out, Ghoulish Goodies gets high marks.

The details:

Ghoulish Goodies
by Sharon Bowers
2009 by Storey $14.95

The publisher provided a copy of this book for our review. Kidoinfo has no undisclosed relationship with the publisher and has received no payment for this review.

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  • Don’t know when I’ll get to a bookstore but this looks fantastic and right up Linus’s gruesome alley.

    I especially liked the ‘excellent, exquisitely, repulsive use.’