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Great turnout at Local 121: Talking Kids and Digital Media

I just wanted to thank all of you who attended last night’s KidoConversation about Raising Kid’s in a Digital World. I love the opportunity for us to meet up and mingle around a topic. Props to the panelists and moderator for sharing their opinions, wit and wisdom. As a parent I find it helpful to hear how things work (or don’t) in other households and schools. Collectively we have much knowledge to share.

The resource guide distributed at last night’s event included the panelists’ and Providence Children’s Museum’s top resources and tips about kids using digital media. The guide will be soon be available online. rkidw-videostill

The online news site GOLOCALProv covered the event:

It’s every parent’s fear… rapidly evolving digital playgrounds that their kids explore, from online video games to social networking sites, and parents don’t know where the dangers lie.

Kidoinfo.com, a socially savvy Web site for families launched in 2007 by Providence resident Anisa Raoof, brought a panel of five educators, a room full of parents as well as media experts last night to the Speakeasy Space at Local 121 to educate parents on what’s happening in the “digital playground.”

The bottom line?  “Kids haven’t changed,” said Dr. Alice Wilder (second from left), high-profile digital media innovator, “but the toys in their toy boxes have really changed.” (Read full article on GOLOCALProv.com)

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Written by Anisa Raoof