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Green Transportation?

Bike SignSigns of climate change are being seen worldwide. What effects do cars, trucks, and other methods of transportation have on global warming? Using cars that get many miles to a gallon of gasoline, walking or riding a bike instead of driving, and planning many errands on the same trip can reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island (ASRI) encourages students, in grades 3 through 12, to participate in an essay contest celebrating Earth Day 2008. The topic, “How my Family’s Transportation Affects Global Warming”, encourages students to explore options and consider alternate methods of transportation. What choices could they and their families make to help the planet? Read about contest details here.

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  • last spring when we showed up at ASRI on earth day via the bike path, we were showered with gifts. it made quite an impression on the kids! i think they will do it again this earth day.

    does anyone know a good way to get to the east side from the east bay by bike these days? i heard the washington bridge leg of the path would be closed for ten more years. there must be a way!