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Grocery News: Beautiful New Lunch Boxes

OotsBy Katy Killilea

Either of these beautiful lunch sets is sure to cause trouble at home. I never looked longingly at my son’s Batman lunch box, but these are another story. Testers, ages three to forty, tried these kits, and two important facts were gleaned: people of many ages and both genders like using them, and one set per family will not be enough because lunch is simply more fun to eat when it looks this neat. One of the sets featured here is hard, and the other’s soft. Both are excellent choices for trash-free lunch packing.

Lunch Box made by OOTS

Oots2This set is the size of a traditional hard lunch box, but it’s so much more functional, and is as worthy of admiration as a great new pair of shoes. This gorgeous design features a stretchy, Velcro-closure belt to hold everything in place, a trough in the lid to cradle a water bottle, and containers for a complete meal that stack ever-so-neatly within the lovely exterior case. Every part is dishwasher-safe and made from BPA-free and phthalate-free polypropylene, for those who are keeping tabs on that kind of thing.

$45 with 1 large and 4 small containers
$35 for the exterior case only
Available at madebyoots.com

Waste-Free Lunch Kit made by Kids Konserve

This set is just the right shade of chartreuse to perk up a long school day–or a long day at the office. Inside the recycled cotton sack go these components: a stainless steel bottle and containers, a reusable sandwich wrapper, and a matching cloth napkin. This is all very useful stuff–the bottle, containers, and reusable wrapper easily migrate into other parts of the kitchen. They’re all extremely durable and good-looking to boot, and the containers can be purchased individually if you’re not in need of a complete lunch box overhaul.
$40 for a complete kit
$13-$25 for individual components
Available at kidskonserve.com

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