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Grocery News: Del’s Frozen Lemonade

P1010049by Katy Killilea

Did you know that for sixty-five cents—including tax—you can get the most darling little cup of Del’s Frozen Lemonade? This is available to you at the Del’s shop on the bike path in Warren (at the intersection of the East Bay Bike Path and Child Street).

Mini dixie-cup size servings of Del’s Frozen Lemonade are offered in five flavors: lemon (of course), watermelon, cherry, blueberry, and peach-mango. This is the perfect size for anyone who can’t quite make it through the last two-thirds of a normal serving size. The little shop also sells bottled water and Gatorade for one dollar, and there’s ice cream, too. It’s the perfect pit stop. Paradise at a picnic table.Dellssmhiimg 4255

(Only some of the Del’s lemonade trucks have the sixty-five cent size cup. All of the trucks offer the dollar cup size.)

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