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Grocery News: Fresh Produce for Much Less Money

Rabe at Price Rite - kid o infoLovely Radishes at Price Rite - kid o info

By Katy Killilea

Do you eat exclusively organic food? Have you been thinking and reading about eating only foods originating within a hundred-mile radius of your home? This is not about that. This is about getting beautiful produce for less money in these last few weeks before our farmers’ markets and CSA shares get into full swing. I’m talking about Price Rite.

I had never been to a Price Rite until this spring, when I was stranded at a Monster Mini Golf birthday party and needed to get some oranges. (The Price Rite in Seekonk is adjacent to Monster Mini Golf.) My expectations were low. I thought it would be dirty, and that I’d have to hunt through a heap of squalid oranges to find a few edible ones.
Italian Ice at Price Rite - kid o info
As usual, I was wrong. The produce at Price Rite is beautiful! The broccoli rabe stands at attention (not whimpering and weary like the rabe at my Shaw’s); the cauliflower is free of those icky gray spots; and there are heaps and heaps of melons, bright bell peppers, and hot peppers, more varieties than I could name. And everything costs less than at a Shaw’s or Stop & Shop.

The produce is what attracts me to Price Rite, but there are other good bargains: pints of Italian Ice for $1.49 (“also perfect for blender drinks”) that are free of high fructose corn syrup–just fruit, sugar, and coldness. There is a large area filled with yummy Portuguese baked goods made in Fall River. A living encyclopedia of dry chiles, an imported Italian foods section, tons of cheeses (not an artisinal one in the lot!) and meats, Spongebob yogurt, and juice boxes galore (Juicy Juice, $1.99 for eight).

The food at Price Rite has not been edited for foodies. They offer those hard, pale tomatoes some people buy and lemon juice that comes in the fake plastic lemon. There is instant coffee and Yogos all over the place. There is not much organic stuff, and what there is, is incidental. The mangoes I bought ($.89) were organic, but there was no sign bragging about it.

If you go, bring a quarter–you’ll need it to release a cart from the cart jail outside the entrance to the store. I couldn’t figure it out, lost my last quarter to the lock system, and just as I began to despair, a kind woman gave me her cart, and wouldn’t accept my dimes and three nickels in exchange. The camaraderie among customers at Price Rite is yet another reason to go.


Price Rite (store locator) – All Stores Open: Mon-Sat 8am – 9pm, Sun 8am – 6pm

Nearby locations:
Cranston – 1415 Elmwood Ave., Cranston, RI 02910
Pawtucket – 465 Lonsdale Ave., Pawtucket, RI 02860
Providence – 325 Valley Street, Providence, RI 02940
Warwick – 945 Bald Hill Road, Warwick, RI 02886
Woonsocket – 2000 Diamond Hill Road, Woonsocket, RI 02895
Seekonk, MA – 140 Taunton Avenue, Seekonk, MA 02771

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Photo Credit: Katy Killilea

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  • good pineapples–an unfamiliar brand–very , very good quality and seem to always be $2.99. that’s cheap for a pineapple, right?

  • I live very close to the Price Rite on Valley St. I have scored with red peppers for .99lb! & boxes of organic baby spinach. The Italian & Spanish product aisles are an awesome sight to see. Inspiring me to whip up something terrific for dinner every night of the week! On a budget of course….

  • Katy – Thanks for this refreshing insight. It’s so true! One really can’t judge this store by its pedestrian name, campy logo and aisles of Yogos. It really is filled with hidden, low-cost treasures for the palate. I remember seeing you that day because I took my son Calvin to the same party at Monster Golf! I had been there before and bought the most delicious plantain chips, green peppers, dried mangos and other goodies, and don’t recall spending more than $12. It was unbelievable.

    – Jackie

  • Italian ice? Please share more. It is rare that the trashy junkfood eater in an organic couple finds an outlet in family grocery shopping.

  • I just went for the first time this week. I am really enjoying the bananas I bought–yum! And as I was checking out, I was enviously eyeing the grapes the woman behind me was purchasing. I almost went back to get some but my baby was antsy…

    There are trade-offs, of course. You can’t expect to find all basic products (e.g., they don’t have baby food), so you’ll probably need to hit Shaw’s or Stop and Shop to find everything you need for the week. Bring your own bags–you’ll be bagging your groceries yourself. I do that at Shaw’s anyway. Finally, there aren’t many lower-fat products. For example, I usually buy the leanest ground turkey. But Price-Rite only carried the 15% fat version.

    Nevertheless, it’s true: there was quite a comraderie! The instant I stepped out of my car, a man offered me his cart. I didn’t fully realize why until I read this article. He saved me 25 cents! I think I’ll be going a couple times per month (alternating with Stop & Shop or Shaw’s). That’ll save me more than 25 cents. And these days, we could all save a few pennies…

  • Great post!

    In my attempt to feed our family of six without breaking the bank, I hit Price Rite at least every other week.

    We love the “Sunrich” brand soy milk that Price Rite carries (organic & tastes just as good as Silk brand). Also, name brand cereal for $2 per box. That alone is worth the trip!