Grocery News: Gryfe’s Pizza

by Katy Killilea
P1010004I came across a new kind of pizza in the artisanal bread section of the North Main Street Whole Foods. For $4.99, I purchased a package of six mini-pizzas made by Gryfe’s Kosher Pizza. I thought my kids might like them as a backup to the spicy udon noodles I had planned for dinner (instead of their usual backup of Rice Krispies).

These little pizzas are good news all around: what else in life is not only whole grain but also kosher and a “produit du Canada”? And did I mention that they are so thin they heat in three to five minutes (in a 425-degree oven)?

My picky eaters gobbled them up happily. One little pizza was the right size for my kindergartner, and my 4-year-old ate about two-thirds of another. I ate some of the leftovers and found them very tasty, mild and sweet. The ingredient list is short, and all of the ingredients are foodstuffs, but they seem to have a long shelf life somehow. A culinary miracle!

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About Katy Killilea
Katy Killilea lives in Barrington with her husband, their sons (2001 + 2003), and a dog named Grover. Katy loves reading, cooking, loud pants, the Beehive in Bristol, and learning everything she can about Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. She says more about that at Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes.

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