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Grocery News: Recycling What Can’t Be Recycled

by Katy Killilea

e-or-d-eatingYogurt and hummus are two of the main food groups for lots of young families, and typically these foods are  packaged in #5 plastics. Number fives aren’t yet recyclable in Rhode Island, so after you’ve reused your containers as paint-mixing receptacles or bathtub cups, they’re usually landfill-bound.

storagebowls1Relief is in sight for environmentally concerned parents of  yogurt munchers. Preserve is a company that needs your #5 plastics–to make toothbrushes, razors, and colanders, and nifty green storage bowls. Participating Whole Foods stores act as collection sites on behalf of Preserve, including both Providence locations and the Cranston store.

For more information, read all about it here!

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