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Grocery News: Smooze

By Katy Killilea

Smooze-MelanieSmooze is very delicious and very bewildering. It is a frozen treat that comes to you, via Whole Foods and Indonesia, at room temperature (freeze before eating). It is described as a “fruit ice,” and it is dairy-free but it is also creamy. And it can be enjoyed outside in the summer without dripping down your arm. Unless you hold it upside down.

Smooze comes in four flavors: guava, pineapple, mango, and passion fruit (all are fruit puree with coconut milk). The pyramidal shape and packaging are adorable and fit very nicely in a child’s hand (and in my hand). The subjects (ages 4-62) at my tasting lab all agreed: Smooze is yummy. The vibrant fruitiness is enough to make you want it–the convenience of being able to store it in the pantry and the mess-free packaging push Smooze over the top into frozen dessert perfection. The testers’ favorite flavor, by a slim margin, is mango.

What’s more, when you are done with your Smooze, you are left with only a small pocket of lined paper, and it can be recycled (in communities where milk cartons and juice boxes are recycled).

The details:
Package of ten Smooze in one of four flavors: $3.99
Available in Rhode Island at Whole Foods
For more information, go to www.sambugroup.com

Photo credit: Katy Killilea

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  • team-johnson – I found them at Whole Foods in Pasadena back in July 2008 – hopefully they still have them – thinking about having them shipped to NY!

  • I love to give these to my kids, but they stopped carrying them at the Whole Foods in LA, I found them in Vegas and bought a few boxes. They are perfect and neat for the little ones, especially my son who is allergic to dairy!

  • I saw the Smooze people also make a shelf-stable smoothie-in-a-box but I haven’t seen it at WFoods.

    Maybe they will be at Trader Joe’s?

  • I love these more than my kids do. LOVE them. I love the creaminess (it’s coconut milk, right?)

    They introduced them at Whole Foods with really great pricing, too, and now they’ve gone up. I used to eat a whole box in less then 24 hours this past summer.

  • Love these, especially that you can store at room temp and only freeze one package at a time. Have to give them at least overnight or longer to freeze though (much to mine and my children’s dismay). We would agree that the mango are our favorite (by a slim margin).