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Grocery News: Warren Farmer’s Market

Lettuceby Katy Killilea

This Thursday I happened upon the new farmer’s market in Warren. It takes place beside the wonderful little market at Cutler Mills on Child Street on Thursdays from 4:00-8:00 pm.

There was an array of organic and conventional local produce (including absolutely gorgeous organic lettuce for $3 a head!), pastries from Pastiche, handmade herbal soaps and ointments, intricately painted pottery, and chunky silver jewelry. This is a low-key alternative to the buzzing markets in Providence—not that those aren’t wonderful in their own ways! And perhaps best of all, you can combine shopping with sitting on the market’s patio (which has comfortable chairs and tables and room for strollers and bags), sipping a cold drink and eavesdropping on people with crazy-painted bikes discuss where to get the best dreadlocks.

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