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Grocery News: Who’s Your Farmer?

by Katy Killilea

roslyncarrotIf you prefer to get your fresh produce, flowers, meats, and cheeses directly from a farmer, you will love this map. With it you will find a market near you, a market every day of the week, all over the state and seeping  into Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Each market has its own style. If you’re accustomed to buying your cheeses and pea shoots from artfully laid tables staffed by Anthropologie models at the Providence-area markets, cruise the decidedly unglamorous scene in Haines State Park on the E. Providence/Barrington line. (Wednesdays, 2-6PM through October.)tomato There you’ll meet old school farmers with (sanitized) Snapple bottles and mayonnaise jars of maple syrup, local eggs and some chickens who came along for the ride, and terrycloth dishtowels with crocheted loops, the better to hang from your cabinet knobs, my dear. This is all in addition to the usual suspects: produce, seedlings, plants, and jams. It’s not at all hip, it abuts a pretty marina and there’s room for kids to monkey around.

What’s your favorite farmer’s market, and which farmer has the best stuff? Share your tips with us by posting comments.

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