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Grocery News: You Bar

By Katy Killilea

Monogrammed sweaters, personalized M&Ms, and now this: You Bar. This company makes power bars to order, created by you from a menu of ingredients on their website. The bars are labeled with whatever name you choose, and then shipped to your door. This is amazing–what kid (or adult) wouldn’t like to see their own name (or better yet, some kind of inside joke) printed on the power bar in their lunch?

http://www.youbars.com/images/gifts/starter_gift_box_pic.jpgBut so many of our friends are making their granola bars and power bars from scratch lately that I was skeptical of this concept. Being able to choose the name on the label seemed cool, but would the product be worth eating?

My picky eaters wolfed down the samples. The ingredients in each bar will vary depending on what you choose, but the ingredients are all wholesome things like dates, cashew butter, crisp rice, and cocoa powder. The “Build-A-Bar” feature on their site walks you through the process so your end result will be a coherent bar. For example, first you choose a base of dates or a nut butter, then you choose other ingredients to suit your palate: nuts and seeds, dried fruits, seasonings (like cocoa powder or chocolate chips), sweetener (like agave nectar), grains (crispy rice cereal), and optional protein and vitamin infusions.

One winning combination we tried involved cashew-macadamia butter, dried cherries, organic clover honey, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, and almonds. All of our testers agreed: It was so good.

The details
$32.37 for a box of 13 bars

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