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Grocery News: Yummyfun Kooking

Clare Crespo YummyfunYummyfun Kooking is the DVD series for kids that might sound a wee bit familiar. It’s got a childlike adult host, ridiculous characters who stop by to hang out, cupboards that open to reveal puppets, a freezer full of foods that come to life, and unblinking double entendres (in the episode we watched, there are bananas sleeping in a hammock). Sounds like Peewee’s Playhouse, right? I do recall Peewee making G.O.R.P. in one episode, but this show is all about cooking.

In Yummyfun, Clare Crespo is Yummyclare. She lives in a kitchen, in a mouse hole, in the house of a smart, curious girl named Oona. The recipes are perfect for the youngest little chef to make and eat: once Yummyclare chooses a banana from the banana hammock, she pops it in a hot dog bun and decorates it with faux ketchup and mustard (actually red jam and peanut butter). The set is full of surprises and enviable fashion details, like Yummyclare’s sequined strawberry belt buckle and rickrack festooned collar.

Crespo is the author of two punchy food books: Hey There, Cupcake! and Secret Life of Food. It’s a treat to see her in DVD form. For more information, go to the Yummyfun site.

The details:
Yummyfun Kooking DVDs $15.
Order at yummyfun.com

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