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Gross Out Cakes

Great Cookbooks for Families
Reviewed by Katy Killilea
Grossout Cakes Book Cover, SpatulattaYuck! Kitty Litter Cake, Bleeding Brain, Phlegm Brulee? Flipping through the pictures in this slim volume of thirty disgusting-looking desserts nearly makes me faint. Yes, dear readers, the items are intended for human consumption.

You have to hand it to the authors because these are incredibly well-executed ideas (however nauseating). The dog peeing on a snowman cake comes with this directive: “Place a small piece of brownie or Tootsie Roll under the dog if desired.” In the cookbook’s photo of the finished product, the snowman grins idiotically as he is defiled by the frisky puppy (with optional Tootsie Roll scrap in place).

The other twenty-nine ideas are equally revolting/creative. There’s a certain kind of kid (and maybe adult) that these concoctions will appeal to, and if you want to make their vile dreams come true, get this book and let them pick their favorite. Many of the recipes are perfectly suited to Halloween (e.g., Putrid Puss Pockets, Graveyard Cake, Bloodclot Cake). And after seeing the melted butterscotch and mini marshmallow “Earwax Swabs,” you may never look at the ingredients in your pantry in quite the same way.

Gross Out Cakes
By Britney Schetselaar and Kathleen Barlow
2006 Silverleaf Press

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