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Hack a Snowflake

Doily SnowflakeI recently wrote about cutting snowflakes from a folded piece of paper. This traditional method worked fine, and my boys and I cut a lot of snowflakes. However on my latest trip to the grocery store, a display of packaged doily circles brought back vague memories of using doilies in grade school to cut snowflakes.

Using the doilies turned out to be super fast and produced beautiful lace-like snowflakes.

Look at images of Wilson A. Bentley’s real snowflakes for snowy inspiration.

Here’s how to hack your own six-sided snowflake.

1 package of round doilies, any size (I used round 5.5”)
Dustpan and broom to sweep up the paper cuttings

How-To (PDF):
Fold circle in half
Fold in thirds
Fold in half again
Make various cuts along the edges to customize your own snowflake.

Snowflake How-To

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