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When my kids were babies and just starting to eat solids, I wanted to be sure that what they ate was good for them (giving them the proper fuel to grow) and hopefully tasted yummy as well. Healthy, organic baby food was becoming more available in the grocery store six years ago, but choices were limited and usually came in a jar. Now parents have a wider variety of baby foods to choose from but the choices don’t measure up the same in terms of health and nutrition. Since there are no babies in our house anymore, I asked one of our readers to sample Happy Baby food. The company claims their frozen organic baby meals are as healthy and delicious as homemade. Dad, Fritz Lanz tells us what he and Ezra (age – 10 months) think of the food:

Ezra samples HAppyBaby foodHold on to your re-usable hemp shopping bags! The world of baby food has changed with the arrival of Happy Baby.

The carrots are carrot orange, they smell like carrots, look like carrots, and, yes, taste like carrots. Same goes for the peas, pears, squash, sweet potatoes, and apples. Big deal, some might say? Not so for those of you who have dared to taste the jarred brownish stuff that stands in for baby food (even if a former co-worker of mine used to eat the stuff with raw hotdogs — I’m serious).

The makers of Happy Baby seem to have a high level of respect for their clientele. So much so that there is a good chance that if your little one eats Happy Baby, he or she may eat better than you. Check out the ingredients included in my household’s favorite, Baby Dahl:

organic red lentils, organic potatoes, organic carrots, organic olive oil, organic cinnamon and organic coriander, DHA algal oil

Come on, when’s the last time you cooked with coriander? And don’t even get me started on DHA (even though I have no idea what that is).

I have always preferred to make my own baby food, freezing pureed veggies and fruit in ice cube trays. I still do this for my third child, but I was in need of some inspiration after making applesauce for the twelfth night in a row. My first words upon opening Happy Baby for the first time were, “Oh, it looks just like what I make.” Exactly! Good, healthy, “homemade” food without me having to make it.

Does our baby like it? Yes, indeed! He gobbles it up fast enough so his five-year-old sister doesn’t eat it first.

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  1. Alison Kellie (Horowitz) says:

    hi Anisa!

    I love your site – this post made me think of a baby food company locally here in the Boston area http//littlelettice.com. It’s a great organic baby food company with a wonderful philosophy and founder — check it out!


  2. sonya says:

    wow great article…and that is the cutest baby!!! what a look on his face!

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