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Happy Birthday, Jan Brett

Gingerbread BabyJan Brett is among my favorite children’s book authors and illustrators, and I have been reading her stories to my boys since they were two. I love her elaborate illustrations and sidebar drawings that colorfully fill every inch of the page, showing the reader different parts of the story at the same time. My kids have loved all the characters she has created and are still swept up by their adventures. Now that they are six they study each page to discover what will happen next in the story.

Many of her stories about animals, hats, and mittens are great reads this time of year for kids. Reading Gingerbread Baby is a nice companion to making real gingerbread houses or baking gingerbread cookies with your children. If you want to stay out of the kitchen, print a pattern to make the Gingerbread Baby house out of paper and foam board. Kids can cut their own gingerbread baby out of heavy brown paper to live inside.

Visit Hedgie’s Book-a-Matic on the Jan Brett website. Answer the questions and Hedgie will match the perfect Jan Brett book for your kids (or you).

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