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Happy Day

Hindu Ceremony on Kid O Info

I spent a lovely long weekend away with my family to attend a wedding. My mind is still filled with visions of the luscious colored saris the women wore during the Hindu ceremony and the intricate henna pattern (Mehendi) on the bride’s feet and hands.

I am just now catching up with email and blog posts–I was pleasantly surprised to see that Linda from a la mode, awarded Kidoinfo one of her top five blogs. I am flattered. I will share the love and name some of my favorites:

Rag & Bone blog: A great place to feed your mind and creative soul with everything paper

IKEA Hacker: Endless creative ideas for your IKEA finds

Angry Chicken: Amy shares her creative life with kids

Scrumdilly-do: More fun things to make, read and do with our kidos

Social Media for Social Change: A VERY new site with the mission – exploring how technology can promote good in the world

It has been a happy day.

photo credit: Douglas Itkin

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  • Wow, thank you Anisa! I, too, am late catching up with my blog posts and look, here I am getting an award from you!

    Thanks so much, it’s a great honor coming from someone who happens to run one of the coolest sites around.