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Happy New Year!

My family and I arrived back home yesterday after a lovely vacation on Cape Cod in time to ring in the New Year with friends and fondue. I loved the snowfall and our sledding adventures today.

Sledding on kid o info

I just wanted to check in to wish all of you a wonderful New Year. My holidays have been full of fun and festivities, mixed with a little rest and relaxation. Hope yours were full of whatever you wished for. I have enjoyed hearing from so many readers over the year–about what you like and hearing everyone’s ideas about everything from parenting to cool places to take our kids. I am looking forward to another fabulous year being part of the Kidoinfo community–sharing more great tips, reviews, creative ideas, local events and more.

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  • Wendy–just butting in with vacation idea–the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire is a lot of fun for families, even for non-skiers. There’s tubing, ice skating, and lots of kids activities so parents can enjoy fine dining or what have you. The skiiing is at Bretton Woods, known for nordic skiing as well as alpine. I think you can snowshoe there too.

    Also there are beautiful swimming pools–with slate tiles–very clean and one is outside, heated to a very comfy temperature, so you can have a snowball fight in your swimsuit. I loved our vacation there.

  • We stay with family when we visit on the lower cape area. You can find great deals this time of year although many places really close up from Jan – April on the Cape. A nice overnight may be near Falmouth / Woods Hole area. I think there is a small Children’s museum and the Woods Hole Oceanographic institute plus beach walks are always great. And maybe ice skating? Another great close by place may be Mystic near the Aquarium? Anyone else have ideas for a great non-ski mini vacation this time of year?

  • Anisa, where did you go in Cape Cod? We’re looking for a nice overnight trip somewhere, and we don’t ski, so most ski places are out (though if we found a place where we could not ski and not look like freaks for not doing so, that would be cool).

  • I’m so glad you’re back! I have really missed getting some Daily News from you!

    We were sledding yesterday too–Suicide Hill in Barrington which was perfect and not at all terrifying, with lots of rolling hills so you can really spread out!

  • Adult snow pants are key to really enjoying family sledding. I found some cool black water repellent pants last year at EMS on sale – warmer than blue jeans.

    Note to self for next time – make sure the kids pants and glove area is tucked. Once my kids got snow in their boots and in their gloves more than once our sledding adventures were done. Followed by hot cocoa – yum!

  • Happy New Year, Anisa!

    And thank you for the work that you do to produce such a terrific site.

    We’re contemplating sledding (shockingly, our family has never been sledding together!). I’ll have to go into denial of the freezing temperatures (still wearing the jacket and boots from racing outside to beat the garbage collectors, one hour later) and yes, the lack of snowpants. But it might be worth it.

  • welcome back, anisa! we took our boys sledding yesterday and it was so full of family fun i could have cried. (some of the tears from my freezing legs — why don’t they sell cheap snow pants for adults?) glad to have you back, keeping us all connected and loaded with new ideas. you and kidoinfo are a valuable resource. rock on! xo