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Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

by Douglas Itkin

Sometimes at my family’s Thanksgiving dinner table, my mother has asked everyone to name things we’re thankful for, which is followed by sighing from some and deep thinking from others.  This year I’m getting a head start by posting here in my wife’s website.  My short, somewhat random list:  My wife and two kids, my sister and nephew, my parents, my grandparents, extended family, friends, health, job, public school teachers, flow, soccer, windsurfing, Obama, photographs, movies, NPR, Apple, Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Polartec fleece, Keen, Kidoinfo.com, the light two minutes after sunset, wind and solar power, quiet after a snow storm, giant trees, Grossinger blintzes, Ryvita, mac and cheese, stuffing, and the generosity of strangers.

What are you thankful for? Click comments to share your list.

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  • I am thankful for husband for writing this post and all that he does. I am thankful for our 2 sons, friends and extended family; including my grandfather who reminded me that at age 93 your mind can still be sharp as a tack, you can help others and you can still make your vote count. My husbands’ grandmothers who remind me how important books, music and travel are to feeding our mind and soul. And that my sons are lucky enough to know and spend time with all 4 of their grandparents.

    I am thankful for a change in the government, my home and having the means to put food on our table.

    Thanks to the PTO, teachers and new principal at my sons’ elementary school.

    And I am pleased that I can find some time to myself to read, think and create.

  • I am thankful for April 17th because that is my breath day. I am thankful for my parents because the cheer me up when I am sad and they take care of me. I am thankful for water because it keeps me hydrated. And I am thankful for my little brother because he helps me play.

  • i’m thankful for my peeps, my health, that people are patient with me, for my new running tights, that cranberry sauce tastes so good on plain yogurt, that my husband is dealing with someone whining right now, and for my job

  • I’m thankful for the wonderful time I spent with my family yesterday — and equally thankful for the relaxing time I spent alone earlier in the day…happily lost in pie-making land!!

  • I am thankful to have a list of things to be thankful for.
    I am most thankful for my sweet girls Lucia and Clio, my loyal and patient husband, the passion to cook, happy faces to feed, my Canon PowerShot G9, 101cookbooks.com , cheese…and soooo much more!

  • Without any prompting, daughter Faye whispered before falling asleep, “I’m thankful for my family!”

    I’m thankful for being surrounded by loving people every day and for having the opportunity to work with the nicest people around….and hope for the future in the good old USA.

  • here are some things I am thankful for: me, family, movies,star wars, computers, MacBook Air,music, food, schools, houses,cookbooks, TV, and art.