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Have a Ball: The Boon Snack Ball Snack Container

Boon Snack Ball on kid o info

By Maura Keating

The Boon Snack Ball is the ultimate solution for snack storage and delivery on the go. In flashy orange paired with a cool light blue, the Boon Snack Ball is a show-off made for a life on the road. The Snack Ball twists open into two halves. It is easy to fill the Snack Ball and very easy to keep clean with no crevices. It’s even dishwasher-safe. The orange cap swings open to the side to allow access to snacks inside. My son (at sixteen months) figured out the open-and-close feature immediately. The opening is small, perfect for little hands and nimble fingers, but chubbier hands of younger users might have trouble reaching inside. The smaller opening means less mess if the Snack Ball takes a tumble. I’ve been impressed with the seal on the Snack Ball–snacks like cereal and crackers stay fresh, even when abandoned overnight. As it rolls around a diaper bag, the Boon Snack Ball construction prevents snacks from getting crushed–the inevitable outcome when using plastic baggies for snack storage. The size of the Snack Ball is perfect for a single serving and its compactness makes it easy to fit it in a diaper bag, stroller, or even a purse. After the snacks are gone, my son enjoys exploring the Snack Ball, playing with the lid, shaking it like a maraca, and rolling it back and forth.

The Boon Snack Ball is free from Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, and phthalates (the substance that makes vinyl soft and flexible), making it as safe as it is smart. By choosing a reusable container, you’ll be saving plastic bags from a landfill, which makes the Snack Ball smart for the environment and your wallet too.

Since the Snack Ball is a ball, it’s round. When my son was young, we told him that balls were for throwing to distinguish other items that were not meant for throwing. When we presented the Boon Snack Ball, we had to include a discussion of how the Boon Snack Ball was different from other balls. Since the Snack Ball holds snacks (always popular with my son), we haven’t had a problem with throwing. We have had a problem with rolling. Since the Snack Ball is round, it can roll right out of the car seat, the stroller, or wherever my son has placed it for safekeeping. He quickly learned to hold on to the Snack Ball until he was “all done.”

The Boon Snack Ball is part of an entire line of table and food accessories for babies and toddlers that includes a no-spill sippy cup, a toddler catch bowl, eating utensils, an interlocking plate-and-bowl set, and more. Boon has made a commitment to developing products that are functional and fun, balancing kid-appeal with modern designs that appeal to parents.

The Details:
The Boon Snack Ball Snack Container, $6.49. To find a Boon Snack Ball near you, click on the “Where to Buy” link at www.booninc.com.

Want to win a Snack Ball?
Tell us “What is your kid’s favorite snack?” in the comments below. We will randomly select one winner from everyone who enters, to win a Snack Ball.


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  • The Boon Snack Ball can be used for children of all ages. My son is older and he always likes to be able to have an object to hold, feel or to toss in the air. He doesn’t know when he is doing it but it seems to help him relax when he is doing his homework, studying, speaking on the phone,listening to music or even when he is reading a book. If I could have a Boon Snack Ball to put dried fruit in (banana chips and dried apple pieces) I know he would love it! He would be able to hold it, toss it from hand to hand, open and close, take out snacks, and just be able to feel the texture of it with his fingertips. The Boon Snack Ball would be so much better for him to use in more ways than you could know. He usually uses whatever is around him like calculators, remotes, the phone, etc. We both want to say thank you for making a product that is fun and has so many uses.

  • My daughter is not at the snack age yet, but I’m betting that she’ll go for the crunchy carbs just like her big brother.

  • My little grandson still loves cherrios,they are a all time favorite,was his mothers favorite an now are his too,this is a really cool site,thanks so much

  • My son would enjoy eating his Goldfish Crackers out of it! It would be perfect for our walks around town.

  • I checked out the Boon Inc website…did anyone else see their “Animal Bags” (storage for stuffed animals/doubles as a bean bag)?
    What a great storage solution!

    About the snack question,if I answer for my kids it would be banana with peanut butter, but they’d probably say salt & vinegar chips or lollipops!

  • Hi, Anisa! Luke says that he would fill it with guacamole and chips. Given that, I’m glad to hear that it’s easy to clean!

  • That looks like fun! My kids would love it! My kids favorite snack is peanut butter and apples, cheddar bunnies and banana muffins, especially if they have the chocolate chips!

  • My daughter ripped the top off of this thing about 5 minutes after we got one. While it is great, I think it’s definitely for older kids.