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Head Chefs: Cool Tools for Kids

I have been cooking with my daughter ever since she could stand. She’d climb onto the step ladder and stand beside me at the kitchen counter, and from there, we could mix it up–from cookies to banana bread to fresh applesauce.Head-Chefs I’ve never been accused of being “crafty,” so I’m not the mom who can pull out the glue stick and pipe cleaners. And I have close to zero tolerance for imaginary games (“OK, Mommy, let’s pretend you’re my pet monkey…”). I do, however, love cooking, and being able to share that with my daughter has made for countless happy hours in the kitchen for both of us.

Imagine my delight, then, when I got my hands on the new line of “Head Chefs” kitchen tools for kids. Made from soft silicone, with bendable arms and legs, these give new meaning to playing with your food. There’s a spatula, whisk, measuring cup, spoon, and basting brush–all in vibrant, merry colors and all with suction-cup feet that allow you to pose them on the counter while they wait their turn.

A confession: Head Chefs are so darn cute (they have belly buttons, after all) that my daughter and I haven’t actually cooked with them. I know they’ll work great–they’re sized for small hands and the slightly squishy silicon is easy to grab and hold on to–but frankly we’ve fallen in love with our mini kitchen staff. They cheer us up and cheer us on while we’re cooking, and we can’t bring ourselves to get them dirty. I’m sure we’ll get there–the tools are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze–but for now, we’re content to hang out in the kitchen with our bendable buddies.

Head Chefs Kitchen Tools from Fiesta Products
$9.99 each
Available at several retailers, including Amazon.com

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