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Helping ALL Kids Enjoy the Holidays

Boy in Santa HatHolidays are a time for family togetherness, joy, and friendship. But children who struggle socially because of learning disabilities can feel lonely and excluded. How to Help Your Child Have a Happy Holiday by Dale S. Brown suggests a dozen ways to help your child join in the fun while it educates all parents to be more mindful of children with learning disabilities.

– Help your child prepare for holiday parties by sharing important details – such as the schedule and the names of the guests.
– Role play scenarios with your child.
– Teach your child the names of guests ahead of time if possible.
– Prepare relatives and friends for your child’s behavior that might be misinterpreted. Offer suggestions for how they might respond.
– Consciously include your child with a learning disability in conversation and other activities.
– Make a plan to handle overstimulation that may lead to a meltdown.
– Tactfully accommodate your child’s difficulties.
– Give your child a role or task he is able to do, such as setting the table, that helps him to shine.
– Read a holiday book to your child.
– Ask your child to do good deeds and contribute to the community.

Read the complete list on LDonline.

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  • Thanks! This was such a validating addition to kidoinfo. The tips are helpful for ALL children and particularly help normalize and mainstream the reality that many of our kids (like many of us) have extra challenges, stressors and struggles. Extra attention to taking care of oneself or one’s child with respect to limits and vulnerabilities can help keep festive occasions feeling how they’re supposed to–festive.