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Holiday Treats: More than just Sugary Sweets

I love chocolate but I also know that too much of it isn’t good for me or my children. Many holidays, including Easter seem to emphasize candy and chocolate as part of the holiday’s tradition however in our house we try not to be all about the sugary sweets.

Here is a list from the archives about what the Easter (or Spring, as we say) Bunny has delivered to my kids over the years:

– Colored plastic eggs filled with goldfish, animal crackers, or chocolate eggsCrayon Rocks
– Rubber ducks and other bath toys
– Teething rings
– Bubble makers
– Sidewalk chalk
– Stickers
– Flower seeds to plant inside or outside
– Kids’ gardening gloves
– Crayons (Crayon Rocks pictured), markers, or other art supplies
– Fun pen
– Notepad
– Erasers
– Ugly Doll or other adorable stuffed critter
– Rubber stamps
– Matchbox cars
– Marbles
– Finger puppets

And some more ideas for the list:
– Small action figures
– Silly Putty
– Hair accessories
– Colorful shoelaces
– Small Dover Books
– Slinky
– Jacks
– Playing cards
– Trading cards

Last year our readers added some great ideas. Please share your suggestions in the comments below.

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  • As the new mom of twins, I was baffled by the idea of a suitable Easter basket without candy! One item I came up with that is practical, fun and affordable – sox! Everybody needs ’em! Rolled in a ball they even fit inside the eggs!

  • The Easter bunny delivered peace mood rings and balsa wood airplanes this year. Very cool. I think mood rings can also be found at Shades on Thayer Street in Providence.

    Love having fresh flowers to cut!

  • We run a massive candy hunt at church (Cathedral of St John, North Main, come down after 10:30 service!) so the Easter Bunny always seeks to bring sugar-free stuff to the house. This year I grabbed a few bundles of cut daisies which I will “plant” in the yard so the guys can go pick them. Think that will go over? Let’s see.

  • regarding toothbrushes–there’s a nice child-sized one that plays queen’s “we will rock you” for the duration of one good tooth brushing session (seen at Target.)

  • I like to add something for the new season like beach toys, a kite, and/or a new piece of sporting equipment (a new t-ball glove). This year I’m adding a small box of Legos (Indiana Jones), and a ‘toxin-free’ spiderman water bottle. Sometimes I add personal ‘coupons’ for an “adventure” or “the first mini-golf of the season”. My son loves to hang onto these and ‘cash’ them in!

  • Great suggestions to help wean my little candy fiends–they are definitely their mother’s sons!

    I guess that means I need some things in my basket in lieu of candy, perhaps a gift certificate for a pedicure? A pound of coffee or a container or green tea? Some spices? A new wide-angle lens? Easter Bunny, are you listening?

  • The baskets of trinkets at the Children’s Museum seem like a perfect one-stop Easter basket shop to me. And they have beautiful glass marbles by the register for a nickel or so.