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Home Art Gallery 2-3I love hanging up the kids’ artwork, but I want it to be easy and fast. I let my husband handle this project while I took the kids to the park, even though I make and fix plenty of things myself in our house. My husband chose to do it himself instead of buying a kit. He took advantage of the long kneewall in the hallway of our converted attic. You can also find ready-made kits in various lengths and colors.

If you don’t want a do-it-yourself project, check the ready-made options below.


– wood 1″ x 4″x any length (ours is about 10 feet long)
– screws (sheetrock screws to hold wood to wall and fat head screws to hold bulldog clips)
bulldog clips (from Staples or Utrecht)
– level
– drill
– pencil
– tape measure
note: try to find some studs to attach the 1×4 securely to the wall.

Pottery Barn and Photojojo

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