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Honored to be featured alongside other remarkable women in the East Side Monthly May 2011 issue.

The cover story of ESM’s May 2011 issue is “Mom Power” and features me alongside six other amazing super moms living on the East Side of Providence making a difference in their community; Carrie Cook, Grace Welch, Cade Tompkins, Wendy Lawton, Alice Boss Altman, and Allison Spooner.

This article is the first in what publisher, Barry Fain says will be an annual tradition of profiling remarkable moms each May. Glad to hear this since I know dozens of other mothers doing awesome things at home, in their job, at school, and/or in their community. These women are a daily inspiration to me and their stories could fill the pages of ESM.

Personally I love the idea of having Mom Power makes me think superhero. Some days I wish I had superhuman strength, x-ray eyes, the ability to walk through walls, or turn back time. In reality I am just me–passionate about my kids, their education, our community and my work–trying to make positive impact in my home and world around me with a little help from friends, family and my community.

Read issue here: www.providenceonline.com/eastsidemonthly/archives/read-may2011.html

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