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Hot dogs at the Park!

IMG_4020It definitely feels like spring now: the temperature is warmer, the trees are turning green, flowers are blooming, and Chez Pascal’s hot dog stand, called Hewtin’s Dog, is back in business for the fourth season! These are the best hot dogs around. They make my A-List. My kids and I love them! And eating them in the sun at the park? Even better.

Matt Gennuso, chef/owner of Chez Pascal (located in Providence on Hope Street at the corner of Ninth Street), sets up his stand from April/May through early fall (depending on the weather) on Hope Street at the edge of Lippitt Park and diagonally across from his restaurant.

Although Matt is plenty busy with running his fabulous French bistro, he sets up the hot dog stand because he simply loves it. He creates a great sense of community in the neighborhood. He attracts big kids, little kids, people in suits, people in a hurry, or people just strolling by. He hired friendly helpers to run the stand, and sometimes he even takes a turn when he can break away from his restaurant kitchen.

hotdog 1Since we live in the neighborhood, my boys and I often see Matt loading the stand in the morning or cleaning it at the end of the day. They like to check in and find out what he’s up to.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 11:30 am – 4:30 pm
– Grote & Weigel all beef 10-inch hot dogs for $2.50 ($2.75 with sauerkraut and chili).
– 8-inch spicy red hot dog – $3.00
– There are lots of topping options so you can fix your dog just the way you like it.
– NEW this year – corned beef brisket sandwich with stewed onions, sauerkraut, and Dijon mustard – $4.50
– Sodas, water, and chips also available.

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