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Hot Pants: Kicky Pants Uses Bamboo for More than Pants

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By Maura Keating

The Kicky Pants product lines grew out of Erin Cloke’s prescribed bed rest before the birth of her second child. The company was founded with her husband, Nick Cloke, and has enabled the couple to spend more time with their family while creating products that make life better and a little cuter for other families.

Products from the Kicky Pants Bamboo Basics line are made out of bamboo—a sort of wonder crop that can be grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is sustainable, good for the environment, and good for your baby. Bamboo fabric is also antibacterial and antifungal, ideal for little ones whose paths might cross with who knows what. It’s anti-static so it won’t cling as baby rolls, crawls, or walks about. It absorbs water better than cotton, a huge boon if you’ve got a sweaty baby like mine, or a drooler. Bamboo stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Truly a wonder fabric, it’s no wonder that Kicky Pants chose bamboo for its line of adorable children’s clothing and maternity tees.

The Kicky Pants Bamboo Basics line includes simple, classic designs with an edge. Each item is an essential building block for any child’s wardrobe—starting with onesies, tees, pants, dresses, and pajamas. I love the coveralls that snap for quick changes. They feature a drop-down flap in the back that has a classic appeal, yet is totally functional for diaper checks. A simple smocked dress has a ruffled bottom for instant oomph. If you’re buying for a girl, you’ll want the ruffle onesie. I don’t have a girl, but I wish I did. There’s just something charming about ruffles on a baby’s bottom. The Bamboo Basic items come in an array of solid colors that range from soft pastel tones with names like “pond” and “spring grass” to bolder colors that will make Baby stand out like “orchid” and “moss.”

Kicky Pants sent us a sample of their coveralls in “pond”—a rich shade of sky blue. The bamboo fabric is soft, yet feels durable. It’s thin and drapes nicely when worn. The washing instructions recommend hand washing or using the gentle cycle and drying on low or lying flat. I haven’t tested yet to see how the fabric holds up to repeated washings in a regular wash cycle.

Kicky Pants also has a line of clothing in adorable cotton prints if you’d rather get your coveralls in a jailer’s black-and-white stripe motif. They make squeezable toys in vegetable and fruit shapes, filled with non-toxic micro beads. They’ve even invented something they call the “Auto Mobile” that enables parents to string up a baby’s toys from the roof of the car—creating an instant mobile that can be easily updated. It’s evident that beyond bed rest, the Clokes have been busy.

Click “Where to Buy” to find Kicky Pants near you. Prices: $16 – $50 and up.

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  • We have several items from the Kicky Pants line since my daughter can’t get enough of the comfy feel. I’m even more excited to see that they have increased their sizing in PJ’s to include toddlers. Now if I could only get them to make them in adult sizes.

    Here’s a great webiste that carries Kicky Pants and alot more.


  • Kicky Pants bamboo basics is now all the rage at our boutique cutelittleclothes.com. We have a big range of styles and colors, including the coveralls in five colors, the dresses, gowns, tees and pants. They are all soft but supple and have a shimmery, silky quality to them that keep customers coming back for more.

    You can also find Kicky Pants on Amazon!!!

  • I enjoy reading your blog and was very excited to see this post about Kicky Pants! I sell Kicky Pants online at my baby boutique – Little Speckled Frog (www.littlespeckledfrog.com). I have had rave reviews about the clothing line from my customers!

    My own daughter wears her bamboo dress almost daily. At first I carefully hand washed the dress and laid it out to dry. However, since my daughter loves to wear her dress so often, I needed a faster and more convenient washing method. I decided to just throw the dress in with a regular load of laundry and cross my fingers. The dress came out fine and I have continued to wash it that way ever since. I do line dry it though.

    Thanks again for featuring Kicky Pants. I hope more people learn about bamboo fabric and all it has to offer!