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How do you make your coffee?

Keurig Platinum Brewing SystemI have wanted a new coffeemaker ever since I got a free one from Gevalia a couple of years ago. I liked the Gevalia coffee, but the maker? Not so much–the brewed coffee was always warm and bland no matter the flavor. I’ve put up with it only for lack of motivation to replace it.

Then I was sent a Keurig single-cup brewing system to review for Kidoinfo. At first I thought to send it back immediately because the very idea of using little individually-packed K-cups seems wasteful. However, reading about its ease of use and the idea of making a delicious single cup of coffee appealed to me, so I decided give it a try. Since I’m the only coffee drinker in my house unless we have company, and because I work from home, I tend to make a small pot of coffee in the morning that I reheat and drink throughout the day. I do not always drink the same amount every day so I tend to overestimate how much to make and throw out the unused coffee at the end of the day. This seems like a waste of water and coffee to me.

After using the Keurig for a few days, I am hooked on the convenience but still hesitant about the environmental issues which Keurig claims they are attempting to improve (see FAQs). Now I turn on the coffee maker in the morning as I make the kids’ lunches (although you can program the machine the night before to turn on whenever you want). Once the system is warmed up (just a few minutes), I place a K-cup (filled with coffee, tea, or cocoa) in the holder, select my cup size, and press the start button. Coffee comes out in less than twenty seconds. And it is hot. I love not having to reheat my coffee in the microwave soon after I brewed a pot like I used to. The Platinum Keurig that I am using has a water reservoir that can hold enough water for up to ten cups of coffee. If you have a large group of people, it may be fun to have them choose their own flavors and deliver the beverage of their choice; however this still seems wasteful to me and I may be tempted to pull out my old coffee maker for making multiple cups’ worth. When it is just me, though, I love using the Keurig to make my single cup of hot coffee. And now my husband (not usually a coffee drinker) has started to partake in the morning ritual. I am not sure if he is more lured by the coffee or the cool-looking gadget.

To address the waste issue, Keurig sells a reusable K-Cup filter basket (available from Keurig and Target) so you can pack your own coffee.  I borrowed a filter basket from a friend and found that it leaked a bit and was a little messy to clean on the first try. I am hoping to perfect my technique so I do not go through so many disposable K-cups and then I can use my favorite coffee from New Harvest Coffee Roasters. My kids tried the hot chocolate but said it tasted like coffee. The Keurig Platinum model also makes iced coffee and tea. Once the weather warms up, I’ll let you know how this feature works.

This system may not be for everyone but I’m getting attached to mine. I invite our readers and contributors to share your favorite way to brew your coffee or tea in the morning.

Home Brewing Systems from Keurig include the Mini, Elite, Special Edition, and the Platinum. Prices range from $79.95 to $169.95. Free ground shipping on all brewing systems. Each brewer comes with an assorted pack of K-cups.

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  • I am very fussy about my coffee; flavor, brand, temperature and measurement. I like my coffee hot but I never found a coffee maker that brews the coffee at the temperature to my like.

    This machine does fulfill all my eccentricity about coffee. It is beautifully designed.

  • I cold brew and love it. A coffee-head friend (who roasts her own beans) told me that it was a great way to brew.

    Toddy is the brand that I use—it cold brews (on countertop) super-strong coffee concentrate, which makes great iced lattes and drinks, but also combines w/hot water to make coffee. Once brewed, stays fresh in the fridge (it’s an airtight carafe) for a week.

    Sounds outlandish, but it’s really very good. I bought mine at a Borders (they do cold brew for a few of their drinks). They’re online, too.

  • I love my Keurig as well. I got mine last year and love the fact I can choose a diffrent coffee and tea everyday. I also like how quick and easy it is when trying to get the family ready in the morning…

  • Stovetop espresso pot. Ours is really old and works great. We bought a new, larger capacity one, and the results taste like off gasses, maybe from the rubber gasket.

    Anyway, the stovetop espresso makes better esresso than I $500 countertop machine, in my book. I heat milk in a saucepan and froth it with a frothing whisk if I’m feeling frisky.

  • A press–we have one from Bodum that is also a thermos, so it keeps the drink hot for a little while, but you’d definitely want to drink it right away if you like a little bot of pain with your hot morning bev.

    I would like to have coffee at your house–sounds like it would be piping hot!