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How to Make a Pinwheel Ornament Out of Recycled Paper

Today Beth Curtin shares this fabulous craft project to do with kids. This is a great use for old magazines and the pile of catalogs that seem to come daily this time of year. Find more cool crafty ideas on her blog, Acorn Pies.

Here are Beth’s easy-to-follow intructions:

My child and I made these together. Prepare some small squares of recycled paper glued back to back. You could use a retired calendar, magazine photos, or last year’s Christmas cards. We used a butterfly calendar. These squares measure about 3 inches across.

When the glue is dry, crease on the diagonal in each direction.

Cut into the center on each crease, but not all the way, or your pinwheel will fall apart.

Bend the left corner of each triangle into the middle, making the points overlap. Sew the layers together with a needle and thread.

Glue a handle to the back of your pinwheel. We used a piece of skewer. A toothpick or twig would also work nicely.

When the glue is dry, tie thread to the top of the handle and hang your new ornament on the tree!

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