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Huge, interactive Dr. Seuss exhibit coming to Boston

A large interactive Dr. Seuss exhibit is expected to come to Boston this year.

The exhibit will immerse visitors in some of the most iconic books by the children’s writer. The exhibit is centered on a maze based on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” the Dr. Seuss book that urges children to explore the world and move mountains despite the pitfalls and challenges.

Visitors will be able to explore rooms based on “The Cat in the Hat,” ‘’The Lorax,” ‘’Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?” and other works.


The 15,000-square-foot exhibition is scheduled to open in Toronto in October. There are plans to take it to Boston, Seattle, Houston and several other North American cities.

“I wanted to explore the books and bring the characters to life in a new and engaging way,” said Susan Brandt, president of San Diego-based Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the company founded by Audrey Geisel, the late widow of Theodor Seuss Geisel, who under the pen name Dr. Seuss wrote and illustrated dozens of children’s books.

Information from the Associate Press (AP) was included in this article.


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