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Ice Cream and What to Do With It

(The Almighty Chipwich)

chipwich on kid o infoI know. You’re reading that headline and wondering what the heck is wrong with me, since you’ve never had any trouble putting away a delicious cone of ice cream, and why mess with a good thing?
Here’s why.

Ice cream in a bowl (or from the pint, if we’re being honest) can be so it’s-9:30-p.m.-and-I-can-eat-this-or-just-go-to-bed. And while ice cream in a cone after the beach is lovely and wonderful, sometimes it is fun to exercise your creative side and elevate the experience to something you can truly call dessert. And calling things dessert is basically my calling in life, if you hadn’t noticed.

Besides, I don’t think you can really say you’ve had a good summer until you’ve had a chipwich, and given that school starts NEXT WEEK in some corners of the state, you’d better get baking.

The Almighty Chipwich

1. Bake your cookies. I will insist here that they be from scratch. Make them fairly small. Let them cool.

2. Scoop your favorite ice cream (I recommend vanilla in this case, but go crazy) onto a cookie in modest amounts. (An overstuffed chipwich is a lot like buying a Betamax in
the 1980s—it seemed like a good idea at the time, but you end up wishing you hadn’t.) Squish the top cookie on the scoop of ice cream.

3. Some might consider the chipwich unfinished without a roll through some mini-chocolate chips or some flaked coconut. I say that is gilding the lily, and I like my chipwiches as pure as, well, vanilla ice cream trapped between two chocolate chip cookies. So I quit there and put them in the freezer. (It’s a good idea to wrap them individually in plastic wrap, freeze them, and then unwrap and serve on a platter.)

And if one of those individually wrapped chipwiches doesn’t make it onto the platter, and you find it later in the freezer? It would probably be good with coffee when your
children are napping.

I’m guessing.

Despite preferring vanilla ice cream in her chipwiches, Anna Sawin is willing to try one in any flavor you make. She blogs at Hank & Willie.

Photo credit: myhusbandcooks.wordpress.com

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  • At one gathering with the lady friends we had these. We somehow let a few of them melt and then ate the resulting sludge with our hands–like dipping your hands in a gloppiy vat of mud. The cookies just disintegrated. Ugly, but possibly even more delicious than when they were intact.

    Mmmm. Yum. I am totally making these today. I agree: just cookies with ice cream. Rolling it in something would just be showing off. They are perfect how they are in your photo. Or all gloppy and melted. Wouldn’t be a good photo though.