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Ice Skating: make it fun, keep it safe

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There are a number of indoor and outdoor skating places in Rhode Island. Call for details regarding fees, rentals, lessons and special activities at each venue.

And if you decied to skate outdoors on a frozen lake or pond, be sure to read these Safety Tips from Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Parks and Recreations Division

* Never assume the ice is safe.
* The only safe ice is at a rink.
* Never skate on an untested lake or pond.
* The ice should have a minimum of at least [6] inches.
* Never skate alone.
* Only skate during the day or if an area is illuminated
* Know the body of water, nearby street, and where the nearest location is to go for help.
* Never use ice for a shortcut.
* Never go out onto the ice after an animal or toy.

Find a list of ice-skating rinks in Rhode Island here. We know parents have a great deal of info to share about the places they go with their kids. Please tell us what you think about the rinks – you can rate and review everything in resource directory now!

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