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If the Easter Bunny visits your house, what does he bring?

I know many Easter (or Spring) Bunnies bring chocolate, but what else does the bunny bring? Our boys each have a basket in their favorite color, and here is a list of what’s been tucked inside over the years:

Colored plastic eggs filled with goldfish, animal crackers,
or chocolate eggs
Seed packets
Rubber ducks and other bath toys
Teething rings
Bubble makers
Sidewalk chalk
Flower seeds to plant inside or outside
Kid gardening gloves
Crayons, markers, or other art supplies
Fun pen
Ugly Doll or other adorable stuffed critter
Rubber stamps
Matchbox cars
Finger puppets
Small books

And some more ideas for the list:
Small action figures
Silly Putty
Hair accessories
Colorful shoelaces
Small Dover Books
Playing cards
Trading cards

Decorating and Coloring Eggs?

Coloring Eggs
Easter Egg Decoration
Natural Egg Dyeing

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